What is sustainability?

Climate change is one of the biggest issues of our time, and you may ask yourself, "what can I do? I am only 1 person". There is actually so much you can do! Click here to read about Climate Change facts or continue scrolling to see what YOU can do.

Fighting climate change and living sustainably is my biggest passions (as is spirituality & yoga). Protecting animals and our planet is one of the most important things to me. I will have an article published on an online news site soon, all about my journey. So I can't wait to share that with you. 

I am currently doing a Masters in Climate Change in DCU (this is my second master's, the first was in Economics focusing on Environmental Economics), and I am a Climate Ambassador with An Taisce, you can see my profile here.

What is sustainability to me?

For me, sustainability is living a more simple life. Living a more healthy, well-rounded life. There are many different paths to a more sustainable and eco-friendly life. It isn't an all or nothing game. Take what you want and just do your best.

Living sustainably doesn't mean you become a hippy (although if you do, that is amazing), it means you think more about your decisions, how those decisions will affect you, your community, the environment, and the world as a whole.

Below we will briefly introduce some paths to a more sustainable life and I will be adding more blogs on each. Some you can already read here.

  • Zero waste kitchen

    The easiest place to start towards a zero-waste kitchen is to start saving any glass jars from food.  You can then go to a refill shop, bring your jars and refill up on pasta, rice, porridge, spices, grains and so much more. If you live in Meath, there is a fantastic zero waste shop in Trim, called Cult Zero. Refill shops can be cheaper or more expensive, depending on what you buy.

    You can ensure when you do the grocery shopping that you don't buy any pre-packaged fruit or vegetables. Buy the loose ones, and leave them loose in the trolley or basket. Or if you really want them in a bag, you could use a bag you already have or invest in a canvas bag.

    Set up a compost bin - which I discuss below.

  • Cleaning products

    Cleaning products can be so full of chemicals. And I think there is a view that cleaning products without these chemicals are not good enough. But that isn't true.

    There are so many earth-friendly products out there now. 

  • Sustainable fashion

    coming soon....

  • Eco friendly bathroom

    Sanitary items

    • Use alternatives to tampons and pads for a plastic-free period. Loads are listed here.

    • The packaging used for applicators, tampons, and sanitary pads all contain single-use plastics. A huge number of these are flushed down the toilet, blocking sewerage pipes and waste water treatment plants. 

    Dental care

    • Plastic-free toothbrushes, toothpaste and there are even vegan friendly dental floss options. Many of these items are now in supermarkets.


    • Swap liquid soap for bar soaps and avoid single-use plastic.


    • Disposable razors are difficult to recycle, so most end up in landfill. Reduce waste to landfill by switching to safety razors!

    • Switching to fully recyclable safety razor blades will reduce single use plastic.

  • Less meat

    coming soon....

  • Recycling

    coming soon....

  • Long lasting products

    coming soon....

  • Earth-friendly yoga mats

    coming soon....

  • Organic Skincare

    coming soon....

  • Grow your own

    coming soon....

  • Fairtrade tea & coffee

    coming soon....

  • Carbon Offsetting

    coming soon....

  • Camping

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