How To Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Happy International Women's Day. I have wanted to post this blog post for some time now and I kept adding things and taking things out. But I hope it resonates some of you. Since it is International Women's Day, I thought it would be the perfect day to post my blog post about our Divine Feminine Energy!

I’ve been hearing lots of the people I follow on Instagram talk about the divine feminine coming to the surface, maybe you have too? And don’t fully understand what they mean? Well in this blog post I explain what it is and how we ALL can connect with the divine Goddess / feminine energy in us.

Before you jump into the juicy part of this post, I want to explain something. When I say Goddess or Divine Feminine, I am not excluding anyone who identifies with being male. Both males and females have God-men and Goddesses inside them, we both have divine masculine energy and divine feminine energy inside us.

Maybe some of you have noticed a shift in the universal energy? We are entering a New Paradigm; the universe is currently in a shift from the divine masculine energy to the divine feminine energy. It is believed that this rise started in 2012 and will continue till 2022 and then we will be in a new age of energies.

If these words don't resonate with you, you can call it Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine). But remember these energies are in ALL of us. Or moon energy (feminine) and sun energy (masculine).

Masculine energy: drive, focus and confidence are more masculine traits that set you up for success in the business world.

Feminine energy: connection, empathy, emotional and nurturing are more feminine traits.

There is nothing wrong with either energies, we want a balance of each. But most of us have more masculine energy than feminine. Due to a lot of us focusing on a career in business or at least in an office job. So, this post has a few tips that can help to awaken that goddess, that feminine energy or that Yin in all of us.

1. Chanting Meditations

Oh yeah, I know how weird it can be at first. A year ago, I was too afraid to chant Om or even say Namaste in yoga classes and now a year later I am a Kundalini Chanting Goddess!! I love chanting, I connect more with chanting meditations than mindful meditations. I go so deep and I feel so amazing after it.

If you are like how I used to be, just see it as singing. The words of some of the Kundalini chants are very holy and are amazing for us. I love this one here, it is so beautiful and it is a chant to connect us with our goddess energy.

2. Dancing

Most people would think that doing yoga would awaken our inner goddess but yoga is a very masculine activity. Yoga was originally only for men and women were forbidden to practice. The masculine energy is more structured and the feminine energy is very fluid and flowy. And yoga is more structured so it would be considered masculine. However, dancing would be feminine. The type of dancing that is very fluid, the type of dancing that is spontaneous.

3. Attend a women's circle

I would rather call them a divine feminine circle :) but they can be amazing to connecting to this energy inside us.

4. Get into Nature

Sometimes we forget that nature is feminine, think of Mother Earth. She is everywhere. Try walk in nature for example a forest or a beach, without your phone and reconnect. Crystals are another great way to connect with our divine feminine energy. They are also so beautiful. Read about crystals here.

5. Cry

Yes, it may seem weird. But when we cry we are connecting to our emotions. Weather we are happy, sad or angry. Crying is wonderful to connecting and releasing our emotions. And connecting with our emotions connect us with our divine feminine energy.

6. Reading books and blogs by some beautiful Goddesses

Some of my favourite people to follow include:

Jordan Younger

Elevate The Globe

Emma Mildon

Sahara Rose

Allie Michelle

Gabrielle Bernstein

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I hope you go and explore your feminine side, whatever sex you identify with :)

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Love, Light and Namaste,

Anna B


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