Be You - a letter to you and me

It’s time to step into our power. The world is changing, everything around us is changing. More for some than others. There will be heartbreak, there will be tears, but we will get through this. We are strong, we will be brave. It’s time I stepped into my power, it’s time I stepped out of my comfort zone and did more of what I want to do, what I am scared to do, what I am meant to do. It’s the most uncertain time in our lives. There is fear, there is anxiety, there is opportunity. Opportunity to slow down where we need to, but opportunity to grow. To grow as a person. To be kind, to be love, to be light. To share our thoughts, our feelings, our fears. Time to do those things we didn’t have time to do. Time to contemplate our lives. Time to contemplate our purpose in life. Time to become aware. Time to meet ourselves. Time to meet the real me, the real us. We are in this together. We are changing together. We are changing as the world changes. As the world heals, we are slowing down, to heal, to grow. This is a blessing in disguise for so many of us. Yes, it is scary, so many things seem scary right now. But we are brave. Continue to listen, continue to slow and you will hear so much. You will learn so much, about you, about your community, about those around you, but also about the world. Be kind. Be of service. Be brave. The world needs you to be brave, to be you, to be loving awareness. You need to be you.

- Anna B