141 Days Instagram Free

Updated: Apr 19

First off, I am pretty damn proud of myself. When I first deleted the instagram app off my phone I honestly thought I would last a week. But then I realised how good not being on Instagram made me feel.

I stopped judging my looks.

I stopped wasting time on my phone, I read more, went camping, explored the world without distractions.

I stopped judging my spirituality against others.

I became more aware of my thoughts and feelings.

I am able to listen to my intuition so much more.

I am able to hear the universe tell me my path, I started a masters in climate change and will be finishing my third yoga teacher training next month.

I have decided that I might download Instagram again but before doing that I have a lot of accounts to unfollow, I will only be following people I actually know, I no longer want to follow bloggers or influencers (Well they are spiritual influencers I suppose).

The reason I may download it again is to share what I feel I need to share with the world (spirituality, kundalini yoga and environmental awareness) and nothing else, if you see me uploading for no reason except to have a pretty feed, remind me of this post.

I might see you on IG soon, although it could be another 141 days.

Sat Naam (Truth is my Identity),

Anna x