Instagram Hiatus?

Updated: Apr 19

An Instagram Hiatus has been on my mind a lot recently. I've been thinking of how unhealthy Instagram is for our mental health and how it affects our image of ourselves.

Instagram makes me feel less than in all ways you can think of. Less than because I don't look like the beautiful girls you see on the explorer page, less than because I work 9-5. Less than because I don't blog, travel or teach yoga for a living. Less than because I don't get likes for a certain picture (why do selfies get so many more likes than a beautiful picture of nature?). But most of all, I feel less than because I waste so much time scrolling.

I could be in the middle of reading my book, and I will pick up my phone, go on Instagram and scroll mindlessly for 20 minutes. I will never get those 20 minutes back. 20 minutes of being mindless and not doing anything productive, 20 minutes of judging my life against others. 20 minutes of feeling less than.

I've recently come to the decision that I no longer like being tied to my ego, and my ego loves Instagram, everyone's does. So I am taking a break, maybe it will be a day, a week, a month. But I need to get rid of the urge of taking a picture simply for Instagram, simply to share, to show others my life. I'm also on this hiatus because of privacy issues. I've always known that there are tremendous privacy issues with Instagram, Facebook and Google, but after I read Zucked last week, those thoughts are well and truly on the surface of everything.

I will still be here, on my website and sharing classes on my Facebook business page but right now, I'm leaving Instagram. If you need me, you can find my email and contact form on my CONTACT ME page.

For now,

Anna B