What is Fast Fashion & The True Cost

In the West we don't realize how lucky we have it. Last night I watched The True Cost which is a documentary on Netflix. All about "Fast Fashion". I already knew a bit about fast fashion and how it negatively impacts the world. Fast fashion is a newish concept, it's when stores change their clothes almost every week and we feel a hunger to have the newest item of clothing. But it's very rare that someone questions where the "old" clothes ends up. Or where our old clothes ends up when it's no longer fashionable and we throw it away or give it to a charity shop.

There is so much research already done on this subject, all of which is right at your finger tips. I don't want to explain it all here as I really hope you will watch the documentary, but here are a few ways Fast Fashion negatively impacts the world: • 75 million people are making our clothes today. 80% is made by women who are only 18 – 24 years old.

• A majority of them earn less than $3 per day.

• These workers work long hard hours (an avg. of 14 hrs per day in sweatshops) for low wages, while dealing with sexual harassment.

• These workers are working in incredibly unsafe conditions. More than 1,100 people were killed when the eight-storey building collapsed in April 2013, highlighting the bleak conditions facing millions of workers in poor countries producing garments for Western retailers.

• 12.8 million tons of clothing are sent to landfills in the US every year. This is a football field filled 14 ft deep with clothes.

• The fashion industry’s CO2 emissions are projected to increase by more than 60% to nearly 2.8 billion tons per year by 2030.

• Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally, after agriculture. Watching the documentary really broke my heart. And I am pledging to never buy anything from a fast fashion brand again. I very rarely buy clothes. But a few years ago, I used to buy a new item of clothing every month I got paid, it was my little reward for getting through another month at a toxic job. Little did I know how toxic this habit was. Every one needs to watch this documentary. I've also linked some videos that I think should be watched too. Can we try to end this fast fashion industry? Stop buying from shops like Zara, H&M, Topshop, River Island, New Look, Boohoo, Missguided, Penny's/Primark etc. If you are reading this there's an extremely high chance you have a wardrobe full of clothes. You should know how lucky you are to have them. Fast fashion is so messed up. We need to do better.

Thank you for reading my rant ❤ Love, Anna xo The True Cost Trailer The Richest Criminal In The World

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