Dreams, are you fulfilling yours?

Do you have a dream? What is it? If you don't have one, why not?

Did you know that we are only given the dreams that we can fulfill?

What is stopping you from fulfilling your dream?

Is it fear? Do you think you aren't good enough?

My dream is to make it as a yoga teacher. To be a Kundalini Teacher. A Reiki Master. A Shamanic Practitioner. To travel the world with my Soul Mate. To teach about yoga and spirituality on a big scale. To help people and animals in any way I can. And so much more. Oh and to write and share my journey.

I know that my dream seems silly to some.

Silly because it is ME trying to do it, and they think "who is she to have that". Silly because it isn't an office job. Silly because it isn't a secure job in their eyes. Silly because it is too Woo-Woo for them.

My fear is - I am afraid that when I leave my corporate job to do what I love that people won't think I am smart. That they will look down on me for not having my successful job anymore.

But I want to fulfill my dream, I know it is my life path.

I will make it and you will make it too.

All you have to do is believe in YOURSELF. And not believe the negative words that others are telling you.

Don't let people crush your dreams.

Don't let people put you in a box.

Stick at it and it will happen for you.

I am here with you!

If you are open to it, leave a comment below with your dream. Who knows, someone could see it and help you fulfill it!

Love, Light & Namaste,

Anna B xo