My Mini Facial Routine

I am a huge advocate for self care. Self care is hugely important for everyone's well being. I believe that in order for us to love anyone else we first have to love ourselves. And sometimes that involves a self care routine. And part of mine is a mini facial, sitting in front of the fire, meditating and reading a book. I try to do this at least once a week!

I've always been lucky enough to have very clear skin and I think part of that is the products I use and the food I eat, here I am post mini facial, and my skin feels amazing!

Below I've listed the steps of my mini facial routine, recently I've been loving The Body Shops new vegan range, as you'll see below.

Step 1

I wash my face, I wear very little make up if any at all. So most of the time I am just cleaning any pollution from my face from the day. I have been cleaning my face with coconut oil for years. And I don't use any other products to wash my face. After I have cleaned my face with coconut oil I dry my face completely.

Step 2

I apply The Body Shop's Japanese Matcha Tea, pollution clearing mask . This is an exfoliating mask and I leave it on for 10-15 minutes. I then rub it into my skin before washing off with a warm damp cloth.

Step 3

I apply a second mask, The Body Shop's British Rose, face plumping mask . This mask is a jelly type mask and it is hugely moisturizing. Again, I leave it on for 10-15 minutes. I then rub it into my skin before washing off with a warm damp cloth.

Step 4

I apply another oil, oils are so amazing for your skin!! I have been using The Body Shop's Oils Of Life range for years, since they've released it. I love it so much. At this stage I apply the facial oil. I apply this oil every night before bed, and allow it to soak into my skin during the night.

Step 5

As part of my mini facial I love to massage my face using The Body Shops Facial Massager . Massaging your face is amazing at reducing puffiness and improves skin tone.

Step 6

The final part of my mini facial, is something I also use every night before bed. It is The Body Shop's Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Cream. Which I love and have been using for years!

If you are interested in my daily skincare routine, please let me know as I would love to share. I hope you enjoyed this little blog post and I hope it imspires your to treat yourself to your own self care routine. If you have any questions on the products I use, please ask!

Lots of Love,