Kundalini Yoga

I haven't wrote about Kundalini Yoga yet. But the other week I had the most incredible experience. When I told my teacher, she immediately told me to blog it, so here I am, blogging about it!

First off, what is Kundalini Yoga? First thing to understand is that there are dozens different types of yoga. Some are completely physical, some are all about meditation. Kundalini is somewhere in the middle. But with an added emphasis on consciousness that activates energy centers throughout the body. Ancient yoga philosophy states that there is an energy that sits at the base of our spine, this energy is called the Kundalini energy. By doing Kundalini Yoga we are trying to move that energy at the base of our spine, up through our body to our Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra (read about the 7 major Chakras here.)

To me, Kundalini Yoga is one if the most transformational things I've ever done. I have been practicing Kundalini for 1 full year, with only breaking when my teacher was in India. Kundalini can be seen as a physical practice as some of the postures can be very demanding, and it was like this for me for some time. But then I completely immersed myself in it and realised how deeply spiritual it is.

At the start of each class we chant 2 seprate chants, 3 time each. These are:

- Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, which means I bow to the Creative Wisdom, I bow to the Divine Teacher with.

- Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh, which means, I bow to the Primal Wisdom. I bow to the Wisdom through the Ages. I bow to the True Wisdom. I bow to the great, unseen Wisdom.

So as you can probably tell from the chants, Kundalini isn't your usual type of yoga, like Vinyasa!

After the chants we do a set of postures for a certain amount of time, these are fixed so the teachers can not change them. The postures are sometimes very strange and very hard. The set of postures are called Kriyas. After the Kriya we have Savasana (relaxation) and then a meditation, which can be chanting.

So, about my experience.

We did 2 shorter Kriyas that night, the first was Strengthening the Aura Kriya and Cleansing the Electromagnetic Field Kriya.

During the second Kriya, we had a posture where we had to think of all we were grateful for.

Mine started out with my Fiance and family, but then I started thinking of the little things. These included being able to see the sunrise and sunset. Being able to smell the rain, grass and flowers. Being able to hear music and being able to touch and feel.

When I listed these things off in my mind, something happened. I don't know what but I was no longer in my body, no longer in the room. But all I could feel was a sensation like the room was spinning.

The spinning sensation started coming from my left hip, I felt a spiraling sensation coming out of my hip and spinning the room around.

This sensation continued for what felt like an hour, of course it was probably only a few seconds, but while I was here with my head of the floor I had no concept of time, no concept of anything, I didn't even know where I was, all I could feel was spinning.

Eventually the sensation from my hip stopped and then my whole body felt like it was spinning, along with the room. The feeling of spinning was so fast.

Eventually it slowed down, slower and slower and it completely stopped moments before my teacher spoke again.

I have never had that experience before. It is well known that you can get high from doing Kundalini Yoga and this has happened me. I have felt completely out of it and on cloud nine after Kundalini meditations but nothing has compared to this.

I think everyone should try Kundalini Yoga at least once in their lives. It is weird but you have to be completely open to trying new things, you never know, you could have this incredible experience too.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, I know it is a little more out there than anything else I've wrote!

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Love, Light & Namaste,

Anna B


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