Yoga Teacher Training - Weekend 4

Weekend 4 is finished and I am now a third of my way through this course.

The past three weeks since our last weekend wasn't as busy as normal, we got no homework for our time off. So I just read over what we studied in class from weekend 3.

This weekend was all about the subtle body and the Chakras. I wrote a blog post about the seven major chakras a few weeks ago, you can read it here.

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Friday's class was very quiet this weekend, as we only found out on Thursday that we had a Friday night class.

Today we started off with 3 Aums and then went into Shavasana, and the teacher led us through a Chakra meditation. After our meditation we started a very strong practice. Our practice consisted of loads of heart openers and our peak poses were 3 Wheels, Plough Pose, Fish Pose and we also practiced forearm stands.

After our asana practice we then did some pranyama, this week we practiced breath of fire (or Kapalabahti breath). After our practice we went back into Shavasana and the teacher asked us what Chkra came to mind while we were in Shavasana. We ended our practice with 3 Aums and Namaste.


We started Saturday's class off with a chant, "Om Mane Padme Hum", (Tibetan Buddhists believe that saying the mantrainvokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion).

After our chanting, we did something called a toe-squat. Which was quite painful! We then started quite a strong practice. The teacher kept making note of differences between the East and West which was quite interesting to hear. We ended our practice with another chant and Om Shanti Shanti Shanti, which means peace.

After lunch we studied the Chakra system and it was really inetesting to see which of the class believed in it and would use it in their teachings. I for one will definitely be using it.

We also discussed the Kosha's very briefly, so I can't wait to study these in more detail in my own study.

We ended the day by chanting Aum.


We started the day off by sitting in the circle discussing what we did the weekend.

We then started with a restorative practice and Chakra breathing. We focused a lot on heart openers and we then started a stronger practice. Which was a deep headstand prep practice. We explored headstands for a good ten minutes.

We ended our practice with our legs up the wall and then a long Savasana.

After lunch, we discussed the Chakras more and what language we should use as a yoga teacher.

Later that day we were given a list of balancing poses to study, and we taught each other these for our teaching practice. These included:

  • Warrior 3

  • Extended Hand to Big Toe

  • Half Moon

  • Revolved Half Moon

  • Lord of the Dance

  • Bird of Paradise

  • Standing Splits

  • Tree Pose

  • Standing Pigeon Pose

  • Eagle Pose

  • Crow

We closed our last day with a short Savasana and it was a wonderful way to finish the weekend.

I have loads and loads of reading and note taking, thankfully it is about a subject I love. :) Have a wonderful weekend guys. I hope you enjoyed this blog post about my fourth weekend of teacher training.


Anna B xo

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