Yoga Teacher Training - Weekend 2

I can't believe I've already finished my second weekend of yoga teacher training and next week I'm back again! It's flying by already and there is so much information to soak in and so many new things to learn.

Two weekends ago I completed another weekend of my teacher training, and as amazing and fulfilling as it was, it was also tough! It made me realize that I made the right decision to spread my course out over a few months.

Weekend 2 was anatomy and physiology, something I hadn't thought about since school, and I can honestly say that it was not an easy weekend.

For the few weeks before my second weekend we had so much to read, learn and watch but I really enjoyed it. We had to study, mantra, pranyama (breath work), meditation, the 8 limbs of yoga and teaching sun salutations.

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I entered YogaHub a little earlier than usual just so I could sit down and ground myself before class. When we entered our little room for the YTT I lay down on my mat and started to connect with my breath. I was super excited to start a new weekend, although I was very tired from the week.

We had a new teacher this weekend, so like last week we formed a circle, to introduce ourselves. This week we said our names, our injury and a word to describe how we were feeling. Some of these words were: positive, excited, curious, nervous and a lot said tired. Once we finished introducing ourselves, everyone said Namaste. It was lovely.

After the introductions, we got back on our mat for some Yoga Nidra (basically a yogi sleep) and it was amazing! Totally needed for so many of us. The lights were switched off, we were covered in blankets, had eye patches on our eyes and the teacher began leading us through Yoga Nidra - it was amazing! The teacher burned Palo Santo throughout this and it was so so calming. We had over 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra and it was incredible.

After our Yoga Nidra we did a very easy, gentle practice. We closed the class with everyone saying Om, we all started at the same time and we continued it at our own pace so everyone was starting and finishing at different times. That was the first time I ever experienced that and I loved it, something I'd love to bring into my own classes.


The Saturday class is always the hardest for me because I get home so late on Friday night. But I was so glad that we started today's class slowly.

We focused on pranayama and meditation in the morning, we did Kapalabhati breath (also known as skull breathing and breath of fire). We did this for a few minutes and it really woke us up. We then had a 20 minute meditation which was really nice and I think everyone enjoyed it, even those who aren't used to long meditations. We then had a nice gentle practice where we were given lots of alignment ques and were talked through how to use props like blocks and belts. During this practice we had to pay particular attention to our Mula Bandha (our pelvic floor muscles). We also went into pairs and practiced jumping our hips over our shoulders.

After our long practice we had a really long shavasana, again the teacher burned Palo Santo which was lovely.

After lunch we had to stand in a circle and say something we liked about our friends, if people felt the same way we stepped in. It was great to see that so many of us like the same things. We then had to pair up with someone we didn't know yet and introduce eachother and we learned so much about everyone. It was great.

It was then time to get down to the theory part of the day. We split into two groups and each group were given a model skeleton to label as many bones as we knew. I found it difficult as I don't remember most of the names of the bones.

After the labeling of the skeleton, we watched a video on the skeleton, called crash course. It was quite a funny video and we all enjoyed it.

After the video, we had to get into pairs and teach each other, Tadasana, Warrior I and Warrior II and talk through the alignment ques. I really enjoyed the teaching part of today and glad we got to teach asanas that I know so well.

We ended the day with another short Shavasana and closed the day with three Oms.


The Sunday class was the toughest yet. I went in expecting a lovely restorative practice, and I really shouldn't have gotten my hopes up.

We started the day in Shavasana which was lovely, it's always so nice to start with a long Shavasana because sometimes getting to class is the most stressful part of the day, which is very ironic. We then had a gentle restorative practice which quickly became a very strong, fast practice which I enjoyed, even though I was very tired. This practice was very long and took us right up to lunch time. We had to pay particular attention to our muscles in our legs, bum and belly.

After we ate our lunch we were asked to go for a mindful walk, for a half hour. It was really nice to get some fresh air after such a long practice. After our walk, we went back into the studio and read some theory on the muscles, I found this section a lot easier than the bones, I find the names a lot easier to remember. We then sat around the projector as the teacher went through a presentation on bones and muscles.

We were then asked to go into groups of 4 or 5, to discuss muscle movement and what poses relate to concentric movement, eccentric movement and isometric movement.

After this, we went into group of three and we had to teach each other more standing poses. These included:

  • Triangle,

  • Pyramid,

  • Wide Leg Fold A-D,

  • Side Angle,

  • Chair,

  • Forward Fold,

  • Half Forward Fold,

  • Hand to Big Toe,

  • Goddess,

  • High Lunge.

We ended the day by putting eachother in a comfortable Shavasana and ended the weekend with Namaste.

Weekend 2 was quite a tough weekend for me but it was a mixture of tiredness, difficult theory and being hard on myself for not remembering my Leaving Cert biology, which I can now see how silly I was.

I have loads and loads of reading and note taking before our next weekend, which is next weekend. And I will have to make sure to get more rest the night before, and not get up at 5:30am so I can go to a 7am yoga class :)

Have a wonderful week guys. I hope you enjoyed this blog post about my second weekend of teacher training.

Lots of Love,


Anna B xo

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