The Lunar Phases and Us

By any chance did you feel different last night, just not yourself? Maybe you felt emotional or just a little off? Well it could be the moon, I know it sounds weird but last night we had a new moon and for some of us the phases of the moon affect us. Hear me out!

The New Moon (which was last night and we will have a new moon until 1 June 2017)

The New Moon occurs when the moon is between the sun and the earth, and is therefore in darkness because the side of the moon we see is not lit by the sun. This moon phase is known as a time for new beginnings, and it can affect us in many ways.

We tend to have more energy during the new moon, experiencing sudden spurts of energy and our appetite also increases.

You might find that during the new moon your mind is full of new ideas and you will suddenly have a clearer insight on certain situations.

Your feelings will be a little more delicate and you might feel slightly shy, upset, nervous or self-conscious during a new moon.

Full Moon (which will be from 9 June 2017 till 17 June 2017)

The moons power is at its strongest during a full moon.

Our physical energy increases during a full moon, our strength and stamina increases making it a great time to work out and exercise. We are also more likely to remember our dreams and stay up later than usual, as energy peaks in the evening.

Opposite to the new moon, a full moon is when we are more likely to enjoy crowds, we are more confident and sociable during this stage. We also find ourselves to be more talkative and willing to share ideas with others.

For me, last night I found myself being upset and super emotional for absolutely no reason, I couldn't understand what was wrong and it dawned on me that there was a new moon, and maybe that was the cause of it as I had no reason to be sad or emotional.

A great website to follow the moon phases is or the Moon App on the App Store is also great.

Also, if you have crystals, the best time to cleanse them is during a new moon, so put all your crystals out tonight so they be re-energised for you tomorrow.

Let me know if the moon affected you last night, it's so weird to think that it can :)

Thank you all for your continued support.

Lots of LOVE,

Anna xo