City Break in Rome

Rome is a stunning city, it is way more beautiful than I had imagined or had seen in pictures. We went to Rome in late April and it was very hot, but we love the sun, so we enjoyed it. Rome was probably my favourite city break to date. The history, the food, the people and the weather! Everything was perfect!

We arrived on Saturday, April 22nd. A day after Darryl's birthday and Rome’s 2770th birthday. Rome’s birthday is recognized as the day when Romulus founded the city in the year 753 BC. So as you can guess Rome is full of history. You have The Colosseum, The Pantheon, The Roman Forum, Piazza Navova and St Peter’s Basilica to name a few.

There is so much to see and everything is of walking distance of each other. We bought a 72 hour underground ticket and only used it once, from the airport to the city. So there’s no need to buy a ticket for the underground as it’s so easy to walk through the city.

Day 1

We were staying in an Airbnb about a five minute walk from the Colosseum and once we exited the underground station we were directly across from the Colosseum and no matter how many times we had seen it in books or on the television it is nothing compared to seeing the Colosseum in person. It is truly incredible.

We made our way into the city and visited so many amazing landmarks. We visited;

- The Trevi Fountain and of course we had to throw in a coin :)

- Pantheon

- Piazza Navona

- Altare della Patria

- San Luigi dei Francesi

- Piazza del Popolo

- Palazzo Valentini

There is so much to see, I have probably forgotten some of the places we visited. We went to Eataly that night for some pizza and wine. And of course we ate so much gelato those three days :) The best gelato is definitely Giolitti, there is constantly a queue outside the door. They have a huge amount of different flavours but my favourite was the hazelnut!

Day 2

We spent most of the morning and afternoon making our way around The Palatine Hill and The Roman Forum, this was probably my favourite time in Rome, it is so full of history and there is so much to see, I would recommend bringing a picnic and eating in there.

We went to visit the Trevi Fountain and Paneheon again and of course got more gelato! :)

That evening we went to the Colosseum, we went just before the sun was setting, there were no queues and we got in so quickly. It was so amazing to see, the next time we are in Rome I'd love to do a night tour, I can imagine it would be incredible.

Day 3

Our last day was a more chill day as we had almost everything marked off our list. So we decided to go to The Vatican City, it wasn't too far so we decided to walk and I'm so glad we did as it was a beautiful day! Unfortunately when we got there the queues were crazy long, so we made a promise to come back next time and book ahead of time!

We visited the Spanish Steps which were so busy, it seemed to be the spot where everyone ate their lunch, it was full of people.

That evening we just chilled out, and sat outside the Colosseum taking it all in, we walked by the Roman Forum again and just enjoyed our last night in beautiful Rome.

Lots of LOVE,

Anna xo