The truth about make up for me

Updated: Apr 19

Make up is great, it can make you feel amazing about yourself but it can also make you feel horrible. Or maybe that's just me?

I follow loads of Instagram models and make up artists on Instagram and I'm always so so envious of their flawless make up. Their amazing brows, big lips, long eyelashes and their on point contour and beaming highlighter! I always think "wow, I wish I could do my make up like that"

So this morning I said to myself, "hey let's try", so I did! I did sick eyeliner, great brows and amazing contour! At least I thought I did! I then went into a different room, a much brighter room, looked in the mirror and thought "what have I done" I didn't even look like myself, not one tiny bit! And I didn't like it! So I tried to fix it, but I made it so much worse.

This type of thing happens a lot, I don't know if it's just me but I get stressed, angry, annoyed at myself and can't stand to look in the mirror because I was trying to be someone else, and not myself! I get stressed because I've to start all over again and I just feel horrible!

So this morning I took a deep breath and told myself, to be me, don't try be anyone else, just be the best version of myself! So I took off all my make up and I felt so much better, I felt like me!

Of course I wish I could do incredible make up like some of the girls I see but I'm not good enough at make up to do it, and that's okay!!

I did my eyebrows, put on some concealer, some mascara and I felt so much better than I did when I was trying to be someone I'm not.

In the last few years all we see on our Facebook newsfeeds, on our Instagrams and on YouTube is beautiful people doing tutorials of make up and hair! But you have to remember, that your make up won't always look like theirs, nobody is perfect and I'm sure it took them so many practice runs to get theirs like that, so don't worry!

What I want you to take from this is, don't copy someone, don't try be something your not, be you! And be happy! We will never be happy or love ourselves if we compare ourselves to others.

Be the best you, be happy and be kind!


Anna B