Yes, I've had anxiety

Updated: Apr 19

This weekend just gone I took part in the Miss Ireland Semi Final. It was such an amazing experience and I met some amazing girls that I will most definitely stay in contact with. All the girls were incredible and I really couldn't pick who would go through, I thought everyone deserved it! I really hope that the girls that got through to the final do amazing, which I already know they will!

During my interview I was asked about veganism and I said that it is for the animals and also for my health, I said that healthy eating helped me with my anxiety. Once I mentioned the word anxiety my voice started to shake a little. I didn't realise that I was still affected emotionally by my experience of having anxiety, so I thought that I would write this blog to talk about it more, because I think if I talk more I will be less affected by it.

Last year I suffered a lot from anxiety and this was mainly due to the stress I was experiencing at work, it got so bad that I had to take a little bit of time off from work! I went back to work after a week but I was still hugely suffering from anxiety. So much so that I was dreading work and would cry most mornings on the bus at the thoughts of the day ahead.

I had two really bad anxiety attacks even after taking some time away from work. They were genuinely the most horrible things that have ever happened me. I just remember being curled up in a ball, crying and not being able to breathe. I have no idea what triggered them and I would hate to think of others going through that.

I was embarrassed by my anxiety and by anxiety attacks, so much that only my boyfriend knew about them until now.

I think I felt as though people would look down on me if I were tell them I was suffering from anxiety and think that I'm weak. But being honest now, I think I was weak by not talking about it.

The things that helped me get through my anxiety, was support from my boyfriend, exercise, healthy eating, being around nature and planning to fulfill my dreams.

1. Support: I didn't realise how important this was and I was so afraid to talk about it. But now, if I ever suffer from another anxiety attack, I know I will have the support from my friends and family. So it is so so important to talk about it, don't hold it in like I did for so long.

2. Exercise: exercise really helped me, whether it was yoga and pole fitness, it helped! I always loved trying different types of "fun" exercises growing up. I never enjoyed running or any sort of cardio so I always wanted to try something different. And the first time I tried pole fitness I absolutely loved it! It is definitely the most fun exercise I've ever tried, and it doesn't feel like exercise at all.

3. Healthy eating: I was already vegetarian for years before I became vegan, and I was a bad vegan for a long time, I'd still have a little bit of cheese every now and then. I was very strict about not having any other type of dairy or eggs! I've recently started adding a lot more superfoods into my diet, such as Maca powder, Acai berries and Chia Seeds and I have seen a huge difference since being vegan and adding superfoods into my morning smoothies. I've improved my diet drastically since last year. I have a high carb, low fat diet and I eat a tonne of vegetables, fruits, nuts and beans. You can find loads of smoothie bowl inspirations and recipes on my Instagram, like this one.

4. Being surrounded by nature: Simply going on walks in nature helps clear my mind and helps me relax. I work in the middle of Dublin, so during the week I get very little time to be around nature. So it is so important for me to make the most of my time off at the weekend.

5. Dreams: planning to start my blog was definitely a turning point, it took a lot of planning and time but I'm so so glad it's up and I really hope it works out the way I've been dreaming! I want this blog to not only be about fitness, food, travel and lifestyle but to also help people who are suffering from some of life's struggles like bullying, anxiety and depression. I'm not sure where this will fit in yet but I'm going to start planning that next.

Have a great week guys, and thank you for reading! It's hard to open up sometimes and it's so hard not knowing how people will react to these sort of things! But I'm so much better now and I feel so much stronger, so I hope this blog post can help someone.


Anna X