Private Beach - USA

Happy Saturday guys!

This time last week we were relaxing on a sunny private beach an hour outside Boston! This little sandy beach is part of a community called Nonquitt.

The beach, named Nonquity beach is so beautiful and we were so blessed to have the opportunity to stay here for a few days.

It has always been my dream to live close to a beach and be able to relax there all day, swimming, reading and having a great time with friends! I was finally able to live that dream for 4 days and I hope that I can live that dream again some day soon.

We had so much fun jumping off the diving board, the water was freezing so I was out within 10 minutes :)

Of course, myself and Darryl did a little photoshoot where I did some yoga stretches! I love doing yoga outside, it makes me feel so much more connected and helps me find a deeper inner peace.

I love how the sun can make us feel, it seems to make everyone so much happier and smiley, it's amazing and seeing other people happy puts a massive smile on my face.

My bikini is from Missguided, the pink is currently out of stock, but you can get similar one here:

Have a fabulous weekend guys!

Anna B x