June 13, 2019

People who menstruate will have, on average, 450 periods over their lifetime, from our menarche (first period) to the beginning of menopause. That number differs widely, because menstruation doesn't come as one-size-fits-all.

As healthy as periods are though, the enviro...

January 25, 2019

10 incredible documentaries that everyone should watch. Some are incredibly sad, yet eye opening and all are extremely educational.

August 29, 2018

In the West we don't realize how lucky we have it.

Last night I watched The True Cost which is a documentary on Netflix. All about "Fast Fashion". I already knew a bit about fast fashion and how it negatively impacts the world.

Fast fashion is a newish concept, it's...

April 29, 2018

This time last week (Sunday 22nd April 2018) was Earth Day. But really Earth Day is everyday. I want to share some really simple ways that you can help care for this beautiful planet that we live on. After all there is no planet B.

Earth Day is all about ending plastic...

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